Transforming distribution systems, Transform post #3.

PHOTO by MARTIN KUNZEDistribution of heat to buildings and houses is an excellent way to use waist heat from power and incineration plants. It’s a great way to increase the energy efficiency of the power plant, and of energy use in total. It used to be profitable to connect new build city districts, to systems like that, for instance the new city district of IJburg in Amsterdam. But the better the energy efficiency of buildings, the less energy is needed. And here comes a problem: making a business case for infrastructure is getting harder and harder, if not impossible.
New generation buildings are so well isolated that they hardly need heat during most of the year. Only in winter, there will be some months, during which extra heat is needed, to make living comfortable. But for only a couple of months, the system will be too expensive and not profitable…..
New solutions have to be developed to solve this.
This is Transformation!
Finding new solutions!
What could be a solution?
If business is not profitable in the short term, what could a city do to reach their energy and climate goals? This question is solved in Hamburg, where the municipal started being entrepreneurial again. Founding ?Hamburg Energy? to invest in, and build a district heating system with the Energy Bunker as a storing facility for heat.
More information:Hamburg Enery

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