It?s all about DATA, transform blog post #4

If you want to consume in an eco-friendly way, you want to know how stuff is made, where it comes from and what it contains. If you want to live in an eco-friendly way you need to know what the impact is of your behaviour, for instance, with water consumption and energy. DATA is what you need!
But do you get the right data if you are standing in your supermarket?
Where is the information concerning energy and water if you want to live sustainable?
We lack data in our lives!
In his great book Ecological Intelligence, Daniel Goleman explains it all.?If we lack DATA we are not able to change our behaviour!
He states that industry and governments need to give the right (and honest) information so people can make the right choices. He calls it RADICAL TRANSPARENCY!
By giving radical transparency, industry and trade will be able to change the supply chain of stuff in a sustainable way. Life Cycle Analyses of all stuff and all procedures is needed and Transparency is key.
To TRANSFORM, DATA is one of the most important aspects.
If cities, businesses and citizens, want to change to low carbon societies, they need DATA to get SMART, to be sure that action is into the right direction. A Smart (Energy) City is all about DATA; DATA to make the right choices, DATA to build a sound business plan and DATA to make better (political) decisions for sustainable city (re)development.
TRANSFORM is building a Decision Support Tool based on massive DATA: energy data, socio-economic data, demographic data etcetera. The tool can run scenarios and supports decision making! The more data, the better the outcome, and the better the decisions. Soon we will inform you about the tool.
More information:
– Daniel Goleman:
– John Thackara: In the Buble. Designing in a Complex World.

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