From science to business. Transform post #2

About eight years ago, my city Amsterdam started with the first roadmap for sustainable city development. Cities all over the world started to define their energy strategy in order to reduce carbon emissions, due to the Kyoto agreements.
I remembered Amsterdam proudly presenting their first plans to the press and the public.
The event was held in ?Het tropen-instituut? in Amsterdam and the floor was filled with politicians, scientists, consultants, civil servants and students. The discussion was about science, research and political commitment. Only a few businesses were there to promote their stuff.
Guess what? Eight years later, Amsterdam transformed!
A couple of months ago Amsterdam introduced the Amsterdam Investment Fund (AIF). What changed? The location was the Amsterdam Arena. The soccer stadium. AIF will invest about 70 million Euros in sustainable projects to safe the climate and improve the air quality of the city. And it is about profit and taking risks. The floor, during the presentation of AIF, was packed with suited up business men and women. And now, a few months later, more than hundred investment proposals have been sent in and one can state that AIF is very successful.
Amsterdam is transforming! Yes! From, still being in its infancy, to a full grown sustainable business city.
More information about AIF:

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