Smart, Smarter, Smartest

Next week I am, together with Joost Brinkman of Accenture, one of the speakers at the Smart City event in Amsterdam.
We have about five minutes each to tell about our great Transform project.
That?s impossible!
Is it?
Can we be smart for 10 minutes?
And what is our story?
Can our story be that smart?
Last week I wrote a blog about Paris.
One of the smartest cities in the world.
Dealing with smog and air pollution.
It taught me that being Smart is incredibly difficult.
This is what Transform is as well: a difficult task.
Transforms? focus is about Smart Energy Development.
About actions needed.
Action needed to change.
Change energy systems in cities.
And since it is difficult.
We seek collaboration.
We need to work together.
We need citizens? involvement.
We need bottom up as well as top down approaches.
We need help from other cities,
From business, from citizens,
This is why we want to invite you to discuss with us.
To tell you your best stories,
To share your best practice.
To share your success.
To teach us how to change
To help us transform.
We will share our experience as well.
We invite you to meet at our website:
Kind regards and hopefully we meet at our website! to be smart, to become smarter and hopefully too be the smartest??? one day.

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